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Authentic belly dance costumes ready for immediate delivery! Lila offers bellydance costumes, outfits, and accessories that are handmade in the Middle East. Lila's belly dancing costumes are made for the professional and the recreational bellydancer. Our belly dance attire is now hitting the Gatsby party scene as well as Flapper performances and Las Vegas club wear. The influence of the 1920's began with Mata Hari and her Belly Dance clothes and Belly Dance clothing style. Our bellydance costumes and Tribal Belly Dance wear are also great for Halloween parties! Lila's BellyDanceCostumes.com began as the Belly Dancing Bazaar and was the world's FIRST bellydancing costume website! Since 1995, she has been offering authentic cabaret bellydance costumes to professional Belly Dancers. If you need a cabaret belly dance costume or cabaret belly dance outfit shipped overnight, you will find the in-stock authentic bellydance costumes here. Belly dancing is therapeutic, promotes self-esteem & reconnects women with the Sacred Mother. Rediscover bellydancing--the oldest form of women's dance known--at Lila's BellyDanceCostumes.com!

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